STR specializes in formulating a communication strategy and then supervising and guiding its implementation.

 Following the analysis of the relevant environment, and using as its tools focus groups, STR proposes a communication strategy. This is adapted to the business, social and political challenges.

 During the next stage, STR provides continuous support in the implementation of the chosen strategy. Such a strategy is targeted both “externally” (i.e. vis-à-vis consumers) and “internally” (i.e. within the company)

Specialization & The Human Factor

STR is a small, highly specialized company, founded in 2001 in Athens, Greece, by Dr. John C. Loulis and John Dimakis. Its area of expertise is the formulation and implementation of a communication strategy. STR is not an advertising, nor a public relations firm, though it cooperates with such companies in the process of implementing a communication strategy.

 STR’s partners are strategists, solely focused in the above objective. They are personally involved in all stages of the projects undertaken.

We hold the view that developing and implementing an effective strategy, depends not only on a sound and well tested methodology, but primarily on the experience, talents and flair, of the strategists involved.

Experience & Expertise

• STR has formulated and implemented the strategy of well known business companies based in Cyprus and Greece in the areas of:

 Banking
 Construction
 Tourism
 Financial & Tax advisory services
 Business associations
 Automobile representatives
 Non – governmental institutions
 Unions
 Information and communication technologies
 Medicine and pharmaceuticals

• In the field of political communication STR has been involved in:

 Parliamentary elections.
 Presidential campaigns.
 Euro-elections.
 Image making for leading politicians, i.e. Presidents or Prime Ministers.

Methodology & Research Tools

STR’s strategic proposals are invariably based on focus group analysis and its strategists use their own unique methodology in conducting such groups. STR works closely with reliable market research firms, who are responsible for the recruitment of the groups, and the coordination of the discussion that follows. It is however STR strategists who formulate the discussion guide, while personally observing all group discussions.

STR’s “Strategic Proposals”

Based on focus group analysis, we draft a “strategic proposal” which provides the main parameters of a communication strategy and a specific action plan.

It is crucial to note that we analyze focus group discussions as strategists, rather than as mere researchers. Our intention is not simply to highlight weaknesses and strengths of our client’s image, but to seek a strategic approach which will minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths. Furthermore, we draw out the appropriate “language” (words, phrases, slogans etc) which will support the communication of our client’s message.

Finally we provide a strategic framework which will guide advertising and public relations companies in the implementation of their tasks.

Support & Guidance
In Implementing Strategy

Following the presentation of a holistic strategic proposal for external and internal communication, we provide advice and support on a day to day basis. Such support includes:

 Cooperating with the advertising firm, in order to ensure that the advertiser’s creativity expresses itself within the selected strategic framework.

 Providing guidance to all executives who promote publicly the company’s image (with speeches, interviews, TV appearances etc).

 Working closely with management and the Human Resource department in implementing an internal communication strategy based on focus groups within the company itself.

 Our assistance in the sphere of internal communication has as its goal the merging of external and internal messages and the creation, eventually, of a common business culture.

Communication Seminars
& T.V. Training

STR specializes in providing communication skills to businessmen, executives, politicians, and other prominent personalities.

 Particular emphasis is placed on TV training and all aspects of a TV presentation, from “on camera” statements, to mock interviews and mock debates.

STR has organized and conducted many specialized seminars on communication skills for business executives. Such seminars are practical, keeping theoretical issues to a minimum, and include extensive communication workshops.

Special sessions are also devoted to public speaking.

Crisis Communication Management

We have managed a wide range of crises in different business and social environments. What is particularly helpful in dealing with the management of a crisis is pre-existing research on a company’s image, plus knowledge of the overall social environment in which the company operates.

Furthermore, the handling of a wide range of crises offers invaluable experience in dealing with analogous problems. Also, of critical importance, is the handling of the media and the implementation of basic rules concerning what should or not be done in a crisis situation.

STR assists companies in appointing a “crisis group” composed of selected company employees. Members of this group are trained by STR, in order to handle different types of crises.

STR’s headquarters are located in Athens: Marasli 37, 10676, Kolonaki, tel: +30-210-7299394, fax: +30-210-7299395,